6th Bioinformatics and Stem Cells Satellite
after the Stem Cell Network NRW - 8th International Meeting
Bonn, April 22nd-23rd, 2015
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Main sponsor of our event is the GSCN.

Again a Bioinformatics Satellite Workshop is taking place after the Stem Cell Network NRW - 8th International Meeting, from April 22nd approx. 18h and continuing until April 23rd, approx. 17h. The venue will be the WCC (the site of the NRW - 8th Int'l Meeting) on the 22nd, and the University Hospital Bonn (Venusberg), LIFE&BRAIN building, Main Seminar Room on the 23rd.


You are invited to submit an abstract for a talk describing your work. The deadline for submission is Feb 15, 2014. Please send your abstract and/or questions to bioinfo'at'med.uni-rostock.de, and expect a response (whether your abstract has been accepted) by February 20, 2015.
Presentations by experimentalists describing their data & their open questions regarding data analysis are very welcome. Short talks (5-20 minutes) by experimentalists are strongly encouraged and it is OK if these just describe "your bioinformatics needs".
Presenters of accepted abstracts will usually be given a 20-minute time slot (plus 5 minutes for questions) in the workshop schedule.
A poster session is planned if the slots for oral presentations are oversubscribed. Accepted abstracts will be published on the Website.

"Thanks to the German Stem Cell Network, 3 small travel awards may be given:

Three GSCN travel awards are available! Please submit your applications to bioinfo'at'med.uni-rostock.de until February 28th, 2015. The application should include:

  •  PDF file of the submitted abstract. The applicant must be registered and the first author of the submitted abstract.
  •  A short (up to 100 words) statement by the applicant why the travel award is of particular importance (e.g. funding situation, career transition, ...)

    Winners of travel awards are selected by a review panel based on quality of the abstract. However, the importance of the award for the applicant will be taken into consideration as well.

    Please feel free to distribute this invitation to interested colleagues."

  • For further information about the workshop, please visit our web site, Here, you can also find information about registering for the workshop (which is mandatory, but at no cost).
    Best regards,
    Georg Fuellen, Rostock University Medical Center
    Marcos Arauzo-Bravo, San Sebastian (Spain)
    Ingo Roeder, University of Dresden
    Leila Taher, Rostock University Medical Center
    Mathias Ernst, Rostock University Medical Center