Investigating the Cancer and Aging Link

through Systems Biology (CALSYS)


Institute for Biostatistics and Informatics

in Medicine and Ageing Research, Rostock


invite you cordially to the

RoSyBA: Rostock Symposium on Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in Ageing Research

15th-17th September 2011

Venue: Kurhaus WarnemŸnde, Rostock, Germany (15th/16th), Institut fuer Physiologie, Rostock (17th, transfer will be provided)


The workshop is kindly sponsored by the BMBF, the SENS Foundation, Sanofi-Aventis and by the Department of

Medicine and the Department of Aging Science and Humanities (Interdisz. FakultŠt), Univ. Rostock.





Registration is still possible on site. Fees: 300Û for Academia/Industry, 200Û for Graduate Student/Trainee.

Day Tickets: Thu: 50%, Fri: 70%, Sat: 30% of the fee as above.


Aims and Topics


In an Òageing societyÓ, healthspan extension is most important. As in 2010 (Rejuvenation Res. 13:763-7), talks in this meeting demonstrate that ageing is a complex process, where in-silico work can be most useful to gain insight, and to find interventions. Specific topics of this yearÕs meeting are ÒCancer and AgeingÓ, and a focus on work funded by the German ministry (BMBF).


Preliminary Program


Thursday 15.09.2011 (Kurhaus WarnemŸnde)

16:00-16:10  Opening

            Chair: Georg Fuellen, Julio Vera

16:10-17:00  Stuart Kim, Stanford University, USA: "Genome-wide views of ageing gene networks"

17:00-17:30  Andreas Hšflich, Leibniz Institute, Dummerstorf, Germany: "Interactions between growth, metabolism and aging"

17:30-17:50  Daniel Wuttke, University of Liverpool, UK: ÒComparative Interactomics of DR-Essential GenesÓ (talk rescheduled)


         Chair:   Stuart Kim

18:10-18:40  Pat Langley, Arizona State University: "Computational Support for Systems Biology of Aging" (speaker changed, talk rescheduled, via Internet)

18:40-19:05  Niels Grabe, University of Heidelberg "From in vitro models to networks: approaches for studying aging skin"

19:05-19:20  Attila Altiner, University Rostock: ÒÕSuccessful AgeingÕ in the year 2025: Dreams and nightmares of a General PractitionerÓ

19:30-21:00  Welcome          


Friday 16.09.2011 (Kurhaus WarnemŸnde)

   9:20- 9:30  Announcements


         Chair:   Anne Brunet

  9:30-10:15  Jan Hoeijmakers, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands: ÒThe Genome Maintenance: Impact on Aging and DiseaseÓ

10:15-10:45  Manuel Collado, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, Spain: "Impact of tumour suppressors on aging" (speaker changed)

10:45-11:05  Kristen Fortney, University of Toronto, Canada: ÒMining genome-wide drug-response compendia to discover novel calorie restriction mimeticsÓ


         Chair:  GŸnter Lepperdinger

11:30-12:15  Anne Brunet, Stanford, USA: ÒNeural stem cells and aging"

12:15-12:35  Ana Vi–uela, KingÕs College London, UK: ÒGenome-wide transcriptome analysis with age and the effect of natural genetic variation in humansÓ

12:35-12:55  Aurel Popa-Wagner, University of Greifswald, Germany: ÒIdentification of new therapeutics targets by genome-wide analysis of gene expression in the ipsilateral cortex of aged rats after strokeÒ

12:55-13:15  Adolf E. Schindler, University of Essen, Germany: ÒIsoflavones and breast cancerÓ


         Chair:   Manuel Collado

14:30-15:15  GŸnter Lepperdinger, Institute for Biomedical Aging Research, Innsbruck, Austria: ÒHomeodynamic fitness - age-related dysbalance in mesenchymal stem cell

renewal and progenitor moldingÓ

15:15-15:45  Alexandra Stolzing, Fraunhofer Inst. Cell Therapy and Immunology, Leipzig, Germany: ÒInto the deep: signal pathway analysis in aged MSCÓ (talk rescheduled)

15:45-16:05  Katrin Zeilinger, Charite, Berlin, Germany: ÒOXISYS - Role of oxidative injury in aging and therapeutic implicationsÓ (talk rescheduled)


16:30-16:50  Brief Business Meeting: Submission of Meeting Report, RoSyBA 2012/2013, Stem Cell Ageing


Chair:   Jan Hoeijmakers

16:50-17:10  Joern Dengjel, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany: "Omics Analysis to pave the Road of Systems Biology in Kidney Aging"

17:10-17:30  Claudia Gey, University of Luebeck, Germany: "Oxygen signaling and metabolism in a cell model of oncogene-induced senescence"

17:30-17:50  Fiete Haack, University of Rostock, Germany: "The role of Lipid Rafts in Aging and Cellular Senescence"     

17:50-18:10  Ulf Schmitz, University of Rostock, Germany: "Integrating Bioinformatics and Systems Biology to elucidate the role of miRNAs in cancer and aging"

18:10-18:30  Bernd Schmeck, Charite, Berlin: "Systems Biology of Inflammation in Ageing" (talk rescheduled)


19:30-21:30  Boat Trip -- registered participants (boat leaving close to the main train station and close to the ferry to "Hohe Duene", see map)



Saturday 17.09.2011 (Institut fuer Physiologie)

  8:25- 9:00  Free transfer from Hotel Neptun (just opposite of Kurhaus WarnemŸnde) to Institut fuer Physiologie – registered participants  – please inquire at registration desk – dept. 8:25 on time!

  9:10- 9:15  Announcements


         Chair:  Thomas von Zglinicki

  9:15-10:00  Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, University of Liverpool, UK: ÒBuilding haystacks and finding needles in the genomics of ageingÓ

10:00-10:25  Steffen Priebe, HKI, Jena: "RNA-Seq data analysis to study aging within a multi-species approach"

10:25-10:50  Stefan Schuster, Univ. Jena: "Metabolic Pathway Analysis of NAD+ metabolism with special reference to age research"


11:10-11:35  Bianca Habermann, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Cologne: "Finding cross-links and mechanistic links in biological networks"

11:35-12:00  Axel Kowald, Humboldt University, Berlin: "Modelling the effects of SOD overexpression on ROS metabolism and protein quality control"


         Chair:  Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

13:00-13:45  Thomas von Zglinicki, University of Newcastle, UK: "Mitochondrial dysfunction in cell senescence"

13:45-14:10  Jšrg Galle, University of Leipzig: ÒModeling the Ageing EpigenomeÓ

14:10-14:35  JŸrgen SŸhnel, Leibniz Institute for Ageing Research, Jena ÒData and Information Processing for Age ResearchÓ


14:55-15:20  Saleh Ibrahim / Georg Fuellen, University of LŸbeck / Rostock ÒMitochodrial genome and aging: a systems biology approachÓ

15:20-15:45  Hans Kestler, University of Ulm ÒBoolean networks and their evolution for modeling gene regulationÓ


16:05-16:10 Free transfer from Institut fuer Physiologie to main train station – registered participants – please inquire at registration desk – dept. 16:05 on time!



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